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Olive Oil Poached Shrimp with Escabeche

Olive Oil Poached Shrimp w/ Escabeche


This weekend, I had company in town and little time to prepare for their presence.  Between work, cleaning the house and cleaning the dogs; we had a lot on our plates.  So, in times like these, I choose to improvise and make something I know will be so packed full of flavor, no one will complain.  If they do, show them to the door:)!  For me, it has to be my olive oil poached shrimp with escabeche.  I like this dish because you can prep-if you have the time-or you can completely wing it 20 minutes before your guests arrive and still appear as though you’re on top of your game.

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Sausage Ragu

The finished product
The finished product

For those of you in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, I’m sure you’re aware that we reached a whopping 8 degrees last night—how fun.  In times like these, I need something that reminds me of a stew, but a little less time consuming.  So, it is to say, I decided to make one of my favorite pasta dishes, sausage ragu.  This dish is made of some of my favorite fall vegetables and really speaks of what I think winter food to be all about.

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