Rainy Day Snack~

There is nothing more gratifying than a simple chicken salad on a cold, rainy day.  As always, I try to give all standard recipes somewhat of a “face-lift”; so this curried chicken salad with an apple and jicama slaw is just the way to go about it.

In an attempt to save some of my secrets, I will tell you what I do as opposed to give up the recipe, tee hee.  I start out by picking out some bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts and roast them with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper (at 425F….also, rub some curry powder underneath the skin of the breast).  After they have cooked, allow them to rest so that they can re-absorb some of their juices.  Remove the skin and cut the chicken into cubes, off of the bone.

Next, whip up your favorite “chicken salad” dressing and mix that with the chicken.  I will say, my mother used to make her chicken salads with Miracle Whip–this probably explains why I hated chicken salad growing up.  To me, there is nothing more suitable than REAL mayonnaise.  If you make your own, even better.

Now for the slaw….you basically want to make a “matchstick” cut on that of your apple and jicama.  In other words, julienne both of them.  For those of you who have not had jicama, it is the love child of an apple and potato and it is amazing.  Again, for the dressing of your slaw, use whatever you would like.  Some people prefer a “sweet and sour” slaw–it is whatever you fancy.  I fancy a buttery croissant to absorb the remnants of my chicken salad and slaw, so that is what the picture will display.  I also pair it with a roasted corn and bluberry salad amidst the summer time–the accompaniments will change with the seasons, of course.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Caleb Fortney~

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