Butternut Squash Soup

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Hello, again! Now that we’re fastly-approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to make this post all about Fall ingredients. To me, there is nothing that screams that more than squash. On a cool night where you can’t seem to shake the chill in the air, there is nothing that comes to my rescue more than a warm soup. My butternut squash soup is sure to warm you to the core and punch you in the face with flavor. Let’s get cooking!

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Patatas Bravas with a Chive Aioli-

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Hello again! Amidst my time in Spain, I must say that the food opened my mind to a new idea. They have very simple food with very complex flavors. On our first night in Spain, we wandered to a hole-in-the-wall bar with these little dishes called “pinxtos”. Essentially, they are a little taste of one of their local dishes, spiked with a toothpick. Moreover, you can eat as many as you want and when finished with each dish, you keep the toothpicks. At the end of the meal, you “cash in” your toothpicks and that’s how they charge you. This dish was one of the first pinxtos that was served and they had a wedge of crispy potato with a saffron aioli—it was love at first bite. I knew from that moment on, that my interpretation of food would be forever changed (for the better). In addition, I was dead-set on mastering the recipe. After several valiant efforts, I think I have finally nailed it. Let’s get started!

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