My Second Night In Paris

My second night in Paris~

La Jac Sign

So I must say, that there is an overwhelming sense to literally try everything in sight while in Paris; however, you must be smart about it and go with what the locals are saying.  On my second night in Paris, I wanted to go to something far away from our hotel and force us to dive further into the city.  So, when I came across a restaurant full of curb appeal by the name of “La Jacobine” and read the local reviews; it was a no-brainer.  This restaurant is hidden off of a small, cobble-stone street in a narrow alleyway and it was worth the little treasure hunt we were on to find it.  Right when you walk in, you’re immediately greeted and ushered to a table.  One of my missions-when in France-was to try the onion soup at literally every establishment we visited that had it on their menu.  The night at “La Jacobine” was no exception.  We started with a bottle of their Cotes du Rhone and I immediately ordered their onion soup, of course.  When it came out all blistered and bubbly, it seemed like madness to let it cool off before I dove in.  The base-which I assume was demi-was like velvet on the tongue and was one of the better onion soups I had amidst my stay in France.


Next, we placed our order for a main course and for me it had to be chicken coq au vin.  When I think of dishes that exude everything French, chicken coq au vin is at the top of that list.  It was sided with some roasted vegetables and every bite was a little French kiss.  I have never felt more care free than when I was in Europe.  To be able to sit down to dinner after a day at the attractions, sip your wine and indulge in a most amazing meal; what more could you ask for?  We ended our meal with their signature dessert, apple tarte tatin with crème fraiche.  The buttery crust underneath the rich, caramelized apples served as a perfect contrast to the tangy crème fraiche.  From there, we wandered into a trendy hotel bar and took full advantage of their endless wine list.  The lighting was low, the mood was cool and the music was smooth.  After we finished our drinks and the band had concluded, we made our way back to the hotel, over the Seine River via the love bridge—several bridges throughout Paris that have padlocks on them.  The logic behind it is that you write your name and the name of your partner on the lock, attach it to the bridge and then throw the keys in the Seine and I took part in such tradition.  On the bridge that is closest to Notre Dame, there is a lock with our names on it and my heart will forever be in the city of Paris.  Stay tuned for my next blog post on my travels through Europe.

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