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My third night in Paris

In Paris, one of the most common trends you’ll see is people walking around with their baguette and fresh produce from the market.  In an attempt to fully immerse ourselves in the surrounding culture, every morning we would wake up to catch the subway at the Pyramides stop to head to the markets, formageries and wine stores at the censier-daubenton stop.  To me, this market was the best in all of Paris.  Upon making our way through the different produce stands, we stumbled upon a boulangerie by the name of Eric Kayser.  Let me just say, this guy is the real deal.  In fact, his breads are so prized, that he was awarded best boulangerie in Paris and provides bread to the President every day.  People literally flock toward his store and wait in lines around the corner to take home his perfectly crusty, warm baguette.  Of course, when making my way to the front of the line, the first thing I ordered was two baguettes—fresh from the oven.  A fun fact that I learned about people in Paris is that they fight for the crunchy ends of the baguette, as they claim it to be the best part.  So, in keeping with such tradition, the moment I walked out of his store I broke off one of the end pieces and transferred it to my mouth.  I couldn’t agree more with the people of Paris; the crunchy ends are the best part.  What I like about his bread is that it has such a hearty crust, yet remains tangy and chewy on the inside.  To me, these are some of the most important aspects that any good bread should have.  If you find yourself in the area, I implore you to wait in line and try what everyone is raving about.

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My Second Night In Paris

My second night in Paris~

La Jac Sign

So I must say, that there is an overwhelming sense to literally try everything in sight while in Paris; however, you must be smart about it and go with what the locals are saying.  On my second night in Paris, I wanted to go to something far away from our hotel and force us to dive further into the city.  So, when I came across a restaurant full of curb appeal by the name of “La Jacobine” and read the local reviews; it was a no-brainer.  This restaurant is hidden off of a small, cobble-stone street in a narrow alleyway and it was worth the little treasure hunt we were on to find it.  Right when you walk in, you’re immediately greeted and ushered to a table.  One of my missions-when in France-was to try the onion soup at literally every establishment we visited that had it on their menu.  The night at “La Jacobine” was no exception.  We started with a bottle of their Cotes du Rhone and I immediately ordered their onion soup, of course.  When it came out all blistered and bubbly, it seemed like madness to let it cool off before I dove in.  The base-which I assume was demi-was like velvet on the tongue and was one of the better onion soups I had amidst my stay in France. Continue reading My Second Night In Paris

First Night in Paris

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

So, I’ve been gone for quite some time due to an extensive (and expensive) trip to Europe.  My goal in life-after discovering my inner-foodie-was to make the trip to Europe and literally taste my way through some of my favorite countries—that is exactly what I did and I’d like to share some of my favorite experiences with you.  It was a cold day in the states when my partner and I made our way to Chicago O’Hare airport with a destination to Amsterdam in sight. Continue reading First Night in Paris