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Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

So the holidays have come and gone and I’ve taken some much-needed time off to try to reinvent myself and my food.  While I will always stick true to my roots, sometimes it’s nice to make something a little more special.  For me, it has to be my version of beef wellington.  While it may seem fancy or too daunting to tackle in your kitchen; I assure you, this dish is just a matter of a few steps and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  Moreover, it has that “throwback”, “retro” vibe that I love in cooking.  Granted, some of those recipes need to stay back in 1962…like jello salad.  Let’s get cooking!

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Olive Oil Poached Shrimp with Escabeche

Olive Oil Poached Shrimp w/ Escabeche


This weekend, I had company in town and little time to prepare for their presence.  Between work, cleaning the house and cleaning the dogs; we had a lot on our plates.  So, in times like these, I choose to improvise and make something I know will be so packed full of flavor, no one will complain.  If they do, show them to the door:)!  For me, it has to be my olive oil poached shrimp with escabeche.  I like this dish because you can prep-if you have the time-or you can completely wing it 20 minutes before your guests arrive and still appear as though you’re on top of your game.

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